Why Routine Teeth Cleanings Are So Important

Why Routine Teeth Cleanings Are So Important

When your schedule is already packed, it’s tempting to think about putting off a routine teeth cleaning appointment to free up a little time. After all, your teeth aren’t hurting, so why not push your cleaning off for another month . . . or two? 

One of the best times to see the dentist is when your teeth aren’t hurting. By the time you have a toothache, decay, infection, or some other problem has already taken hold — and treating it is probably going to take a whole lot more time (and money).

Routine cleanings at Strauss Dental play a critically important role in preventing oral health problems, especially as you get older. Here are seven reasons why Julie Strauss, DMD, recommends twice-yearly cleaning appointments for her patients in Oregon City, Oregon.

#1: Spot tooth decay — early

Nobody wants a cavity, and one of the best ways to prevent them is to have regular, twice-yearly professional cleanings. During your appointment, Dr. Strauss carefully evaluates each tooth, looking for the very early signs of decay. Treating decay in its earliest stages means you can avoid more complex (and costly) treatments like root canal therapy or extractions.

#2: Look for early signs of gum disease

Most adult tooth loss is due to gum disease and the deep, chronic infections it causes. Gum disease can progress pretty quickly. 

Having regular cleanings gets rid of plaque and tartar that harbor disease-causing bacteria. Plus, it gives Dr. Strauss a chance to prescribe deep cleanings and other treatments that can stop gum disease in its tracks.

#3: Screen for oral cancer

About 54,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. During routine cleanings and exams, Dr. Strauss performs oral cancer screenings — simple, painless tests that help identify subtle changes associated with cancer.

#4: Keep bad breath at bay

Bad breath is really common, and there are lots of things that can cause it, including bacteria harbored in plaque and tartar. Regular cleanings get rid of tartar and plaque for automatic freshening, plus Dr. Strauss looks for other causes of bad breath, such as untreated decay or dry mouth.

#5: Keep your pearly whites pearly and white

One of the best parts of a routine cleaning is at the very end, when the hygienist uses mild abrasives to shine your teeth’s surfaces. This last step helps remove superficial stains so your teeth look healthy, shiny, and clean.

#6: Improve your overall health

Gum disease and tooth decay don’t just affect your mouth. Research shows your oral health can have an effect on your overall health, too, increasing your risks for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lung disease, sleep apnea, and more. Regular cleanings may help reduce those risks.

#7: Optimize your home care routine

During your visit, Dr. Strauss and your hygienist look for areas where plaque and tartar have built up so they can give you tips to improve your at-home oral care routine. Good brushing and flossing habits help keep your teeth and gums healthy between professional cleanings, and they help keep your breath fresh, too.

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