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Sealants, Fluoride, Check-ups and More: Caring for Your Kids' Teeth

Keeping your child’s smile healthy is just one of the important list items you must monitor while your baby becomes an adult. Confounding things are the two sets of teeth they’ll develop over that time, each set with its own role and care needs.

Dr. Julie Strauss and her team at Strauss Dental put together this primer to help you with the basics of children’s tooth care, from infancy to their teen years. If, as a parent, you have any concerns about your child’s dental health, Strauss Dental is standing by to help.

Baby teeth

As your child reaches about six months of age, their first baby teeth begin to emerge, typically in the front bottom location. The top rear molars won’t erupt until about the age of three. Between then and approximately their sixth birthday, baby teeth perform the functions of adult teeth when it comes to eating and speaking, and they also act as placeholders for the adult teeth. In fact, if your child loses a baby tooth, discuss this with Dr. Strauss, who may recommend taking steps to prevent adult tooth crowding.

Caring for baby teeth

Adult teeth

With proper care through the baby teeth years, including teaching your child about self-care, they should be on track as their adult teeth start to erupt. The eruption process continues until wisdom teeth emerge, typically in their late teen years. In the early stages, they’ll have a combination of baby and adult teeth.

It’s after adult teeth appear that your role changes completely from caregiver to health monitor. If you’re not supervising your child’s oral care daily, be sure to check periodically to assure their good habits continue.

Six-month checkups with Strauss Dental keep you on top of any developments, and Dr. Strauss can advise you about permanent sealers, Invisalign® aligners if crooked teeth are an issue, and any other preventive oral care needed to send your child into adulthood with a fantastic smile and solid dental care habits. It’s rarely too soon to start, so contact Strauss Dental today, by phone or online, to arrange your child’s next dentist appointment. 

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