Learn How Veneers Can Instantly Correct Gaps Between Teeth

Is your family photo album full of pictures of you with a closed smile? Or maybe you hide your teeth with your hand every time you laugh? It's natural to feel self-conscious about a gap between your teeth. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Dental veneers are a great option for a more perfect-looking smile.

At Strauss Dental in Oregon City, Oregon, Julie Strauss, DMD, and her team use the latest cutting-edge dental technology, including placing high-quality veneers.

Causes behind teeth gaps

Officially known as diastema, spaces or gaps between teeth can occur anywhere, but they are most visible between the top two front teeth. There are several reasons gaps can form, including:

What dental veneers are

Diastema can be treated with braces, but if you’re looking for something less time-consuming and invasive, dental veneers are a good option. Also known as porcelain veneers and dental porcelain laminates, veneers are thin, customized shells that are permanently bonded to your teeth for a more symmetrical smile.

They can be made from resin composite materials or porcelain. Porcelain is often preferred, as it resists stains better and is a closer match to the look of natural tooth enamel. In addition to helping with gaps in your teeth, veneers can assist in a number of other cosmetic issues, such as teeth that are chipped, broken, worn down, or discolored.

Getting dental veneers

Getting dental veneers involves three appointments. The first is an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and expectations as well as the steps that will be involved in the procedure. Dr. Strauss will also evaluate which type of veneer will work best for your situation.

At the second appointment, Dr. Strauss will remove a thin layer of enamel from the teeth that will get veneers to ensure the veneers fit and bond properly. Dr. Strauss will then make a mold of your teeth, which will be sent to a lab so your veneers can be made.

At your third appointment, Dr. Strauss will attach your veneers one tooth at a time. After cleaning and preparing your teeth, Dr. Strauss will bond your veneers with a special cement and shine a special light on them to harden the cement.

Once your veneers are on, you can eat and speak normally. Just make sure to care for them like your other teeth by brushing and flossing daily and by getting regular dental exams.

If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about a gap in your teeth, book an appointment online or over the phone with Strauss Dental to see if veneers can help you.

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