How Dental Cleanings Make Way for a Confident Smile

How Dental Cleanings Make Way for a Confident Smile

Few things can help you feel more confident and attractive than a beautiful, healthy smile. But great-looking smiles don’t come naturally — and brushing and flossing alone, while important, aren’t enough either. To maintain those pearly whites, regular professional cleanings are a must, too.

During cleaning appointments at Strauss DentalJulie Strauss, DMD, and our team use advanced technology to remove plaque and tartar and to polish tooth surfaces. Here’s how regular professional cleanings at our Oregon City, Oregon, practice can help you keep your smile looking great.

From dingy and dull to bright and dazzling

Teeth can look dingy and dull for different reasons. The foods we eat, the beverages we drink, smoking, and other habits can all lead to teeth that look discolored and unattractive. 

Certain foods also encourage the development of plaque, a sticky film that harbors germs and causes bad breath. Unless plaque is removed regularly, it quickly turns to hard deposits of tartar that just can’t be removed by brushing and flossing alone. In fact, even if you’re meticulous about your brushing and flossing habits, you can still have tartar — and it takes a dentist or hygienist to remove it.

During your visit, your hygienist uses special tools to remove plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and along and just below the gum line where tartar likes to hide. Then, the hygienist flosses between each pair of teeth and uses a special polishing tool to smooth and polish your tooth surfaces. 

These steps alone can dramatically improve the way your smile looks. But the benefits of professional cleanings don’t stop there.

Beyond aesthetics

Of course, making sure your teeth are squeaky clean is just one part of improving the way your smile looks. You also want to do all you can to prevent gum disease, cavities, worn enamel, and other problems that can take a toll on your smile.

Plaque and tartar aren’t just unattractive: They harbor germs, too — germs that cause gum disease, gum recession, and cavities. By removing stubborn, sticky plaque and tartar deposits, a professional cleaning reduces your risks of these and other oral health problems, so your teeth and gums stay strong and healthy.

After your cleaning, Dr. Strauss examines your teeth and gums, as well as the insides of your cheeks, looking for subtle signs of other problems, like infections or oral cancer. She may take X-rays or provide other services, like fluoride treatments or sealants, to support optimal oral health. 

In short, your regular dental cleaning appointment provides plenty of services aimed not only at helping your smile look its best, but also at preventing problems that can take a toll on your smile and your oral health, too. Some studies suggest regular cleanings may help improve your overall health, too, by eliminating germs that can cause systemic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease.

Invest in a healthy smile

Dental cleanings typically take about an hour. If you maintain the recommended twice-yearly schedule, that means all it takes is about two hours of your time to enjoy a lifetime of healthier, more confident smiles.

To schedule your cleaning with Dr. Strauss, call 503-656-2139 or book an appointment online at Strauss Dental today.

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