Guidelines for Making the Most of Invisalign

About 10 million people worldwide are enjoying straighter, healthier teeth and more beautiful smiles, thanks to treatment with Invisalign®, the top-ranked invisible alignment system. Invisalign aligners are popular for lots of reasons, including their clear, comfortable design and faster treatment times. 

Of course, even though Invisalign treatment is simple and straightforward, there are some steps you can take to fine-tune your treatment. Julie Strauss, DMD, and our team at Strauss Dental offer eight simple tips to help you get the most from your Invisalign experience.

#1: Wear your aligners as directed

Your aligners only work when they’re in your mouth, and that means wearing them for about 22 hours each day — including while you sleep. In fact, the only time your aligners should be out of your mouth is when you’re eating meals and brushing your teeth. Wearing them for less time means your treatment can wind up taking longer than you want.

#2: Change aligners when they’re due

In order to keep your teeth moving into alignment, you need to change out your old aligners for the next ones in the set. If you put off changing them, your teeth will take longer to move — and that means longer treatment for you.

#3: Hang on to old aligners

When it’s time to swap for your new set of aligners, hang on to the old ones just in case the new set gets damaged or lost. If that happens, you can slip the previous set on while you get a replacement for the damaged or lost set.

#4: Don’t skip office visits

Office visits help us ensure your treatment is staying on track. Skipping even one office visit means little problems won’t be addressed in a timely way, and it could delay your treatment, too. Plus, Invisalign treatment typically involves fewer office visits compared with traditional orthodontic treatment, so you’re already saving time.

#5: Clean your aligners regularly

Invisalign’s clear design is one of its most popular benefits. Cleaning them regularly with soap and warm water (or Invisalign’s special cleaning kit) helps keep them fresh and crystal-clear.

#6: Don’t wear aligners while eating

Your aligners are strong, but they’re not made to be worn while you’re biting and chewing. Taking them off for meals also prevents staining the aligners. Before popping them back in, rinse your mouth well to make sure food particles don’t get trapped between the alinger and your teeth.

#7: Carry your aligner case with you

When you take your aligners off for meals, it might be tempting to wrap them in a napkin or even put them in your pocket. But with a napkin, it’s easy to forget and toss the whole thing into the trash. And in your pocket, your aligners can get damaged. Keep a retainer case on hand at home and in your backpack, desk, locker, or briefcase, so you’ve always got a safe place to store them.

#8: Wear your retainer once treatment is done

Your retainer helps hold your teeth in their proper positions while the root areas “settle in.” If you skip wearing your retainer or don’t wear it as often as you’re supposed to, your teeth can wind up drifting, undoing all your efforts. Many people wear their retainers indefinitely to “lock in” the benefits of treatment.

Invisalign treatment has helped millions of people enjoy more beautiful, more confident smiles — and it can help you, too. To learn more about Invisalign treatment at our Oregon City, Oregon, practice, call the office or book an appointment online today.

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