5 Ways Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Dental veneers use thin chips of porcelain custom made to cover your visible teeth. It’s the same process once used by budding movie stars to “cap” their natural teeth for smiles worthy of technicolor. 

It’s true that veneers offer up whiteness beyond any other method, but that’s hardly the only benefit on tap. Here are five other ways porcelain veneers improve your smile. Contact Strauss Dental in Oregon City, Oregon, to find out if veneers are the answer for you. 

  1. Setting it straight

Teeth can be uneven and crooked, and you may think it’s a job for an orthodontist and months in braces. However, dental veneers can also address minor to moderate alignment issues. 

You can have short teeth lengthened and crooked teeth leveled out, since every veneer is made from impressions of your mouth. It’s easy to build a veneer that covers these alignment flaws. 

  1. Filling the gaps

Uneven gaps in your teeth aren’t always cute and endearing. You can turn to veneers to even out irregular spacing, another tooth flaw that you may associate with braces to fix. 

A veneer itself can be offset from the tooth it caps, creating a natural looking way to close up unwanted tooth spacing. 

  1. Repairing the damage

Chips and cracks happen and can weaken your teeth, making them susceptible to even more damage down the road. Porcelain veneers are cemented directly to the teeth they cover, adding strength and reinforcement, as well as filling in chips and hiding irregularities created by cracks. 

  1. Improving your hygiene

Those irregular spaces and gaps aren’t strictly cosmetic issues. In some cases, these can be danger zones for decay, places that food debris collects and regular brushing may miss. 

With your veneers in place, it’s easier to brush and floss effectively, which is all the maintenance your veneers need, besides your regularly scheduled visits to Strauss Dental. 

  1. Stopping the wear

Premature surface wear might be due to teeth alignment or bruxism (tooth grinding), but whatever the reason, veneers may be the solution. 

Porcelain veneers cover over the biting surface of your front teeth, augmenting and reinforcing the common spots where enamel erosion occurs, preventing more serious damage in the future. 

The best way to know if porcelain veneers are the right solution for you is to visit Strauss Dental for a veneer assessment and consultation. Dr. Julie Strauss is a cosmetic dentistry specialist, so if veneers aren’t the answer, she can recommend alternatives. 

Contact the office by phone or through the convenient online booking tool. Get started on the smile you deserve by booking your appointment today.

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