5 Benefits of a Root Canal

5 Benefits of a Root Canal

More than 15 million root canal treatments are performed each year in the United States, according to the American Association of Endodontists. With a root canal, your dentist can eliminate deep infections, so you can keep your tooth instead of having it pulled.

Julie Strauss, DMD, has extensive experience performing root canals using state-of-the art techniques, helping patients at Strauss Dental preserve their natural smiles. If a root canal is in your future, here are five things she wants you to know about the benefits of this time-tested treatment.

#1: They eliminate painful symptoms

By the time you’re ready for a root canal, your tooth is already deeply infected. For most people, that means they’re suffering from a lot of pain. 

Symptoms are typically most pronounced when pressure is applied to the tooth, like when you’re biting or chewing. But with a deep infection, it’s not uncommon to have continual pain, along with swelling, bad breath, a sour taste, and other symptoms.

Root canals eliminate the damaged, infected pulp located in the narrow canals that extend from the center of your tooth all the way down to the tip. With the infection gone, your tooth heals and pain is eliminated.

#2: They help you keep your natural teeth

With deep infection, it’s not just pain you need to worry about. The bacteria and debris inside the canals weaken your tooth structure. The longer that decay and infection goes without treatment, the more extensive the damage becomes.

In addition to eliminating the decayed pulp inside your tooth, root canals use special sealants and fillings to restore your tooth’s inner structure. A custom crown adds another layer of strength and protection, so you can prevent tooth loss and maintain your natural bite balance.

#3: They prevent deep infections

Once the pulp part of your tooth gets infected, the germs causing the infection can travel all the way down the canals to the tip of the root and beyond — all the way into your jaw bone. Deep bone infections cause severe pain and swelling, and they can quickly spread. Some bone infections cause bone loss and require surgery to correct. 

Other times, bacteria can enter your bloodstream, causing widespread infections that can be life-threatening. Having a root canal prevents infections from spreading, so you can avoid deep bone infections and the complications they can cause.

#4: They help you avoid more costly dental work

Without a root canal, there’s a much greater risk your tooth will break or even fall out. That means you’ll need more extensive treatment to remove the tooth fragments and replace the missing tooth. (If you decide not to replace the tooth, you leave yourself open to chronic jaw pain, bite problems, and additional tooth loss in the years ahead.)

Plus, any infection that spreads to your bone or blood will need to be treated. All these treatments can be costly — far more expensive than having your teeth restored using a root canal.

#5: Advanced pain management keeps discomfort at bay

Root canals have a painful reputation — literally. But the fact is, with today’s pain management techniques, root canals can be completely painless during your procedure. Plus, we can offer sedative options to keep you completely relaxed. 

Afterward, the discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter medication, along with an ice pack for any minor swelling. These aftereffects resolve within a day or two.

Keep your teeth — get rid of infection

As a top-ranked dentist in Oregon City, Oregon, Dr. Strauss is dedicated to providing every patient with custom treatment solutions aimed at improving their oral health. To learn how a root canal can help you avoid tooth loss, call 503-656-2139 or book an appointment online at Strauss Dental today.

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